4 Fun DIY Sports Projects For Die Hard Fans

Doing any of the DIY projects is undoubtedly going to bring a lot of excitement but it will also make you feel accomplished, like few other things can. What makes DIY projects so special is that they are applicable almost anywhere. One of the areas where you can showcase your DIY skills is sports. There are loads of sports projects you can take up and use them, for example, to make incredible birthday gifts for real die hard sports fans. This article is going to give you a couple of ideas you can quickly turn into memorable DIY sports projects. Read on!

Sports Photo Booth

Photo booths have become an indispensable part of almost all birthday parties. Everybody enjoys a good selfie from time to time, and authentic photo booths are just what is needed. If you are organizing a sports themed party, you can use a plain color backdrop and pin interesting sports memorabilia from your favorite team. Also, you can use cardboard and attach the printed images of star players from your favorite sports team to it and add the entire collage to the photo booth.

Life Size Cardboard Cutout

Another interesting DIY sports project that would fit the ones with a little expertise in photo editing programs is making a cardboard cutout of your favorite player. First, you need a high-resolution image of the athlete. Second, you need to filter it by adjusting the brightness, saturation, background, and scale it down through photo-editing programs. Lastly, once you have printed the life-size image via a printer that supports large copies, you need to cut out the white background and attach the picture to a piece of cardboard, and you can be looking at a life-size Jordan image in your room.

Ticket Stub Memory Box

All true die hard fans value the games of their favorite teams above anything else. The ticket stubs from the games you have been to can be turned into another exciting memento by making a ticket stub memory box. You can make it by joining four slabs of plywood and attach a piece of glass on the front. The top of the box should have an opening through which you will insert the ticket stubs and later hang everything on a wall with the help of a string.

Hand Painted Coasters

There is so much you can do with a bit of paint and your imagination. One of the great things you should try is handmade coasters. The best material to use for coasters is cork, as it is impermeable and easy to find. Cut out the cork in circles and apply acrylic paint on it using a brush. The acrylic paint is easy to use and dries quickly, which can help make the coasters as soon as possible. You can paint the clubs emblems and logos, and if you are skilled enough, you can even draw and paint stadiums and players.  


If you are looking to surprise a sports fanatic, trying out one of these DIY projects will prove to be the right kind of surprise. People appreciate the little things and gestures, and DIY projects could be the best way to express your affection and care.