Best Craft Businesses for Making Money and Stories of People Who Got Rich by Selling Crafts

Starting a business is easy. Getting to a point where you can make a living out of that business and maintain positive cash flow is the hard part. First of all, you need to pick an industry and decide what you want to do. If you are creative, independent and persistent, making and selling crafts would be the right choice. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do in the craft business.

Design T-Shirts

This job allows you to enjoy and experiment as much as you like. Veterans from this industry recommend following trends or coming up with something completely unique. You should also look for a way to stay profitable after paying for the T-shirts and printing costs. Larger quantities are crucial, but you don’t want hundreds of T-shirts laying all around your house, because the demand for them isn’t that high.

Maybe you should start with a couple of items and see how many people are willing to purchase your product. Who knows, maybe you will come up with a design people will fall in love with and create an extremely popular brand!

Welder or Woodworker

These are two similar jobs, except that the welder works with steel, while woodworkers are using wood to sculpt their products. Both jobs require a lot of learning and a bit of talent. Luckily for you, there are dozens of software applications which allow you to create and display your ideas on the screen before working with either wood or steel. This can save you a lot of material and money in the long run.


Of course, this list couldn’t go without painting. Unless you have a talent for painting, you’re probably thinking “There’s no way I’ll become a painter, because I have never known how to paint”. Guess what — a lot of successful painters were not wonderkids when it comes to painting. Just like you learn how to read, write and ride a bicycle, you can learn how to paint. Whether you’re going to try and express your emotions in a unique way with colours, or paint super realistic 3D images — which requires a lot more patience — is completely up to you.

3D Printing

If you want to get into something before most people jump in, 3D printing is something to look into. To be fair, the industry is not that popular for two reasons — the technology is fairly new and the devices are quite expensive. High-end printers can cost thousands of dollars, but you could also go for used ones, costing only a couple hundred bucks. Decide whether you want to print things on demand or come up with your own designs and products. Whichever path you pick, there is a possibility to make profits by selling your goods.

People Who Got Rich

There are lots of stories of people who got very rich from selling their crafts. One of the characteristics they all share is that all their businesses were started online, from their home. At some point, when the business starts to evolve, you can think about automation, but until then, stick to your skills and do what you do best!