DIY Casino Crafts

I admit that I have been known to dance with Lady Luck a few times. Never for profit, though. For me, it is akin to fishing. I’m not going over there to win, I’m playing games and using promos such as the promo from Spin and Win in order to have a good time. It is for this reason that I sometimes rifle through blogs and whatnot to come up with nice casino crafting ideas for when I want to have a poker night at home. Here are a few ideas for DIY casino crafts.

Dice Glasses

For this, you will need a few square glasses and either a permanent marker or a few round black stickers (in case you want them to turn back to ordinary glasses when you’re done). For the best feel, I recommend finding glasses that are as close to a square as possible.

What you do is this: you take the permanent marker/sticker and fill out the dots on the glasses. If you want to be extra accurate, as some of my friends often do, make sure that the number of dots on the opposing sides adds up to 7, like they would on a real die. For example, if one side has six dots, the one across it should have only one.

Ace of Spades Bottle Opener

This requires a bit of metalwork for it to be one of your projects that lasts for a long time and is functional. It is also one that requires you to have a workshop you can use – other than that, it is pretty simple and straightforward. Begin by taking a metal plate and cutting out a piece the size of a playing card. You can use a hacksaw for cutting, and either copper or steel for the material. The thickness depends on what you have available.

After you have cut out the piece you need, make a design of the spades in the middle. Drill a hole to make room for the saw and start cutting. Remember to lubricate your blade with grease or soap. After you have finished this step, it is just a matter of decoration. You can paint, or better yet – engrave, the A’s in the corners.

Customized Cards

If you have a printer, and a proper type of cardboard/paper, you can make your own playing cards. Decorate your cards with pictures of your favorite actors, movies, or even your friends. You can do this by designing the cards in a program like Adobe Photoshop and then printing them out. Alternatively, if you are really going for the hands-on approach, you can buy the cardboard, the paint and the material used to cover the final design and do the whole thing from scratch. A fair warning, though, it’s going to take a long time and the details can be tiresome.

A Cozy Cozy

Knitting and sewing have never been my strong suit. That being said, it is possible to make a cozy for your mugs with a casino theme. You can use the poker table cloth, cut out the pieces you need and sew them together for the first part of your casino-themed cozy. You can cut out two slots, or make two pockets, though that may be a bit much, and use the slots to place a pair of Aces. Poker night can officially begin.