How to Decorate Your Casino-Style Party With DIY Decorations?

If you plan on making your party a memorable one, you can’t go wrong with the casino-style soiree. The fun of playing online casino games after opening a new account and using the Hollywood Casino bonus code can be brought straight to your living room. Bringing that magical appeal of Las Vegas might seem like a tough nut to crack, but do not despair — there are certain things and decorations you can make yourself that will create an atmosphere that rivals that of the Bellagio itself.

Not wanting to exaggerate there, but a casino-style party does not mean you need to go around and shop for ridiculously expensive party decorations to fit the theme; you can make them yourself. If you are a bit handy with the tools and have the creativity to match, then this article will serve as a perfect guide for designing and making DIY party decorations.

Make the Casino Entrance

If your party takes place either in your backyard or in your home, you can put out the welcome worthy of royalty. Here’s what to do. Paint the old cardboard boxes in black with the big white spots on the top to make them look like dice. Stack three of these on top of each other and put them on each side of the door.

You can also print images of card suits, glue them to slabs of plywood and place them on top of the cardboard dice. This kind of entrance will give off a signal that serious casino business is taking place inside and create the desired atmosphere.

Similar effects can be achieved with the help of red and black balloons that represent card suits. Tie them together with a fishing hook and place them onto a plastic frame to create a cloister under which the guests will pass to reach the entrance.

Casino Photo Booth

Everybody enjoys selfie time. You can kick it up a notch by setting up an entire casino photo booth with the motifs that can include playing cards frames people can hold up while having their pictures taken, or a backdrop that you can decorate with pictures of craps and roulette tables and slot machines. To make these, all you need is some cardboard, scissors, glue, colourful paper, and printed posters. Set your imagination loose and you can see that these DIY items are quick to make and cost very little.

Balloon and Cardboard Arches  

With the help of balloons and some more cardboards, you can design an arch that is perfect for taking pictures and can be placed either at the entrance or by the dancefloor. Ordering these from party decorations suppliers is pretty expensive as they usually come in various sizes. A roulette arch, for example, can be easily created using a frame you can make out of plastic water pipes as they are bendable and don’t cost much.

The next step is to place the assembled cardboard previously decorated with printed numbers from the roulette table and voila, a perfect photo arch.


Everybody enjoys a great theme party, and casino-style parties are among the best of them, especially when you have designed and made the decorations by yourself as a part of a DIY project.