Top 5 Websites Dedicated to Crafts

The Internet is a vast playfield for anyone looking to learn new craft skills. There are hundreds, if not thousands of blogs, websites, and video tutorials that can teach you crafts and give you some useful tips.

However, with so many craft sites out there, finding the ones that are truly worth visiting might be a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry, this article lists only some of the best websites that are dedicated to crafts and on which you can find infinite inspiration. Let’s start!

1.Crafting a Green World

Being eco-friendly is not a choice anymore. Each and every one of us is responsible for taking care of our planet and not put it in any more danger than it is right now. Crafting a Green World is a website that can teach you different handmade techniques for using recycled items and other materials which are not harmful to the environment. It’s a nice way to learn crafts and be green at the same time.

2. Make and Takes

A great little website that can spark your creativity and give you ideas for knitting, painting, paper crafting and more. The website also has a section for crafting stuff you can do with your kids. Make and Takes is full of food recipes as well and can give you tips on how to get creative in your kitchen.

3. Dollar Store Crafts

If you’re looking to save up and use as little money as possible while enjoying crafting, Dollar Store Crafts is the website you should check out. Here, you can find numerous crafts, from the ones that are free or cost $1 to the ones that will “break the bank” and require spendings $10 or more. Finding good ideas here is easy and you can even download some printables if you like.

4. 30-Minute Crafts

You don’t have that much time and you need to plan a birthday party quickly? A website called 30-Minute Crafts will give you a bunch of creative ideas and tutorials on how to find fast crafting solution for your needs. The site has different time section, from crafts that require as low as 5 minutes to the ones that might take half an hour or more.

5. IKEA Hackers

There are plenty of ideas that you can find on the web which are in relation to IKEA products. However, this website gathers them all in one place and can give you hundreds of useful hacks. While it’s run by only one person, IKEA Hackers lives off of contributions by people from all over the world. So, if you have a bunch of IKEA parts that you don’t know what to do with, put them to good use and visit this amazing website.